Tips on How to Write a Good Safe Work Management Statement

When you get a contract there are so many risks that are involved with the construction work. Although some risks are avoidable and can just be highlighted by the word of mouth, some risks are hazardous and need to be stated down. A good construction business should be familiar with the laws that govern them especially the high-risk construction works. Under the WHS legislation contractors are required to prepare the SWMS before they start the work. Here are some tips on how to write a good SWMS.

Each project that you are given is different so the first thing to do is research. Look for information about the project that you have been given. Know how high it will be and all other things that may cause risk to both the workers and the surrounding people and environment. Do risk assessment of the threats that are found in your area, and know the ways that you can control them. You will have to state these threats in the safe work management statement, so make sure you are keen to identify anything that exposes you and your workers to risk. Formulate ways of controlling the threats, so that you can address the others on what to do to avoid the risks. Get to know more here:

Come up with a plan for how you will be doing the work. Take the SWMS as a system that you and the other workers will be following as you continue with the work. Think about what you need to do before the construction work start. Know if you need to set some barriers or signage or if you need to create temporary access routes. This will help you create a method that will be safe to operate and avoid the threats that face you. Think also about what you need to do after the construction work is done. The cleanup, removing the lock offs so that you can make the place safe again for use by other people. Include this also in the SWMS.

Use SWMS templates to create s good SWMS. It helps you maintain reliability and other people can read the statement and understand it. Include contact details of other supervisors and managers in the statement just in case there will need to be contacted. Keep the statement simple and arrange it logically. Make it easier for your workers to follow the work and understand it so that the work goes on smoothly with everyone on board. This way you will be able to avoid the risks ahead of you and produce the best work at the site.

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